Old School: The Boy by Mumbleboy

The Boy by Mumbleboy

New York VJ Mumbleboy‘s created the quirky Flash animation series The Boy way before Web 2.0, when “social networking” meant having free drinks and mingling the crowds at the Friday night art openings in New York’s or London’s Soho districts. (Like we miss that!). The Boy is the real old-school deal, and it’s been with us since Submarine Channel day one.

But here’s a prediction: in the years to come, a new generation of designers and animators will be emulating the Flash 1.0 aesthetics, and we’ll all be going on about how great those limitation of the early Flash and vector graphics really were. Oops, we’re already drooling!

The Boy is:
1. An Alice in Technoland animated adventure.
2. A Logan’s Run on DMT.
3. The most compelling use of a teeth motif since the Marathon Man.
4. A pretty but still vaguely disturbing tale in five parts of a boy’s sinister journey and transformation.
5. Draftman’s drawings and cutesy weirdness.
6. Hypnotic colors and spacey futurism.
7. Like playing some warped computer game with fathomless rules set in a bright pastel techno-distopia.



  1. JAG says on February 27, 2014:

    I feel like either my flash player is broken or the flash links are broken, because I keep getting the episode 1 to play no matter what I try to do.

    • Remco Vlaanderen says on September 18, 2014:

      You’re right. There seems to be something wrong in the code. We’ll look into it

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