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The Shocking Story of Brian Teasley (Polyphonic Spree)

10 Years after 9-11. Time to revisit our eerie 2009 Minimovie Safety First, about “the art of flying since 9-11.” Six stories by six ordinary people, that illustrate just how close we all could potentially be to a stint at Gitmo in this age of panic, paranoia and the Patriot Act.

Air travel just ain’t what it used to be. The glamour, the glitz, the goodlooking service: all gone! Anyone who’s been on an airplane since 9-11 has a security-related tale to tell, be it the loss of precious liquids greater than 100ml – or the loss of your sanity in vast, unending queues.

In the 6th episode of Safety First, Brian Teasley, the drummer of choral rock outfit The Polyphonic Spree, suffers a case of mistaken microphone-identity, and finds himself wrestling FBI agents in his backyard as a result.

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Episode 1 – Harray
Episode 2 – Rafael
Episode 3 – Kate
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Episode 5 – Rigoberto
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