Sneakers - the documentary, finally online!


Watch all episodes of Submarine’s acclaimed 2004 hit doc Sneakers on the dedicated website, or on Vimeo.

Sneakers is a 50-minute documentary about the history and social significance of sneakers. The film asks the question how sneakers have evolved from “poor man’s shoes” to an icon of modern lifestyle and sub-culture identity.

The film by Submarine Channel co-founder Femke Wolting emphasizes the fashion and design aspects of sneakers. The documentary shows the design process and the ways that brands profile themselves on the market. It also focuses on the extraordinary shoe designers as well as on the people who buy them and wear them. The film blendsĀ  commercials, photos, scientific films produced by manufacturers and other film/video material and shows how the image is build around certain brands and models. A second feature is a series of short portraits of people talking about their all time favorite sneakers.

Femke Wolting
Femke Wolting, Stefanie de Brouwer
Finished in 2004


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