Rem Koolhaas' groundbreaking iDoc "Lagos" now online

Lagos Wide & Close - An interactive Journey into an Exploding City

10 Years after its initial release on DVD, Submarine Channel’s timeless interactive documentary by Rem Koolhaas et al. about self-organization and urbanization in Nigeria is adapted for web viewing. With improved features, of course.

As one of the first interactive documentaries ever made, it offers a rare documentation of Lagos at a volatile moment in its evolution. Submarine Channel now makes the groundbreaking work available to all audiences online.

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Viewers are invited to join bus driver Olawole Busayo in his yellow minivan on an adventurous and sometimes dangerous daily journey through the bustling and chaotic city. Switch between a more removed (‘wide’) perspective of Lagos, and an intimate encounter with the city and its people (‘close’). There are three audio tracks to choose from: city sounds, interviews with Lagos citizens, or comments by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Lagos Wide & Close interactive documentary

The interactive documentary (60′) was edited from 55 hours of raw footage that brings the viewer closer to the explosively growing megalopolis, Lagos.

See also: our 2014 interview with architect Rem Koolhaas

Lagos Wide & Close is one of the most popular DVDs on the Submarine Channel DVD label. It is still available in our Sub Shop.

Lagos Wide & Close interactive documentary
Interactive documentary based on research by the Harvard Project on the City


Director: Bregtje van der Haak
Designer: Silke Wawro
Camera: Alexander Oey
Photographer: Edgar Cleijne
Sound: Rik Meier

Bregtje van der Haak is a documentary filmmaker and journalist. Since 1997, she has been directing international documentaries on social change with a focus on urban life and globalization. Her documentaries have been shown on television, in film festivals and in art exhibitions internationally and include Saudi Solutions (2006), Satellite Queens (2007), Grand Paris: the president and the architects (2009), California Dreaming (2010), Aftermath of a Crisis (2011) and DNA Dreams (2013). As an editor-in-chief for VPRO Television, she initiated Creative Commons distribution of public television programming and developed new collaborative media projects including Metropolis TV (2008), Urban Century (2009), Aftermath Project (2011), Multiple Journalism and Atlas of Pentecostalism (with Richard Vijgen, 2013).

This project is based on research by the Harvard Project on the City, directed by Rem Koolhaas, Edgar Cleijne, and Jeffrey Inaba. The concept of this DVD was developed during a masterclass organized by the Sandberg Institute and the Dutch Cultural Broadcast Fund.

This production came about with the support of the Amsterdam Foundation for Visual Arts and the Dutch Cultural Broadcast Fund and is produced by Submarine in co-production with VPRO.



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