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Game Review: Dear Esther

Dutch independent game designer and game journalist Sander van der Vegte, co-creator of FLX., reviews the most exciting, most original, most innovative (indie) games for Submarine Channel. For his first review, Sander tackled the brand-new, critically acclaimed first-person game Dear Esther. (

In 2008, a modification of the popular first person shooter Half Life 2 was released named “Dear Esther.” One year later, game developer Robert Briscoe decided to re-develop the game. The result is an extremely detailed and immersive world. You’re washed ashore on an island, where you start off by investigating an abandoned shack. At this point it becomes clear that the only interaction in Dear Esther is the ability to walk around. But that’s not a limitation. Just look at how wonderfully detailed the surroundings are. The visuals are almost un-game like, even for today’s standards.

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Reviewer: Sander van der Vegte, Voice over: Micah Westera, Production: Rico van Nieuwkoop, Editing: Geert van de Wetering, The guy who did nothing: George Ahknazi



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