Collapsus: Walkthrough with Tommy Pallotta


Director Tommy Pallotta introduces Collapsus, Submarine Channel’s 2010 transmedia project that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary.

Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy.

Collapsus is part of the VPRO documentary series, The Green Transition (watch in Dutch). 
Tommy Pallotta previously produced A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, and he directed the Submarine Channel distributed downloadable documentary American Prince about Steven Prince.

See also our interview with the creators and producers of Collapsus. is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with VPRO Backlight. This project was made with the support of Dutch Cultural Media Fund, SNS REAAL Fund, VSB Fund and GasTerra.



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  2. John M. Burt says on April 1, 2012:

    This doesn’t really tell us much about the story, does it? Or even, really, about the format, which might or might not be as “innovative” as promised. The repeated references to “conspiracy” are a turn-off — most conspiracy theories are just excuses to scapegoat a small group for what are really the results of many people’s decisions. This is especially true for our depleting energy resources: no person or group is to blame, we are all responsible for our irresponsible use of non-renewable energy and our neglect of the necessary transition.

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