And no visual culture Top 5 would be complete without a couple of zombies staggering about. In the words of the creator him- (or her-, but we’re quite willing to bet it’s a him-)self, this site shows “found here every cool stuff about zombie.”

Top 5 of our Favorite Things: Tumblr Sites

Behold, the Tumblrization Phenomenon is upon us! And the world can now be divided into roughly two groups: (1) the Tumblrs and (2) those who neither know nor care who or what Tumblr is. For the latter (just in case you do care secretly), Tumblr is a Twitter/blog hybrid format which enables easy sharing of the things you love (created by you or by someone else) with your followers, nay the world! Some call it “microblogging”, others prefer “linkblogging”. Whatever! Our eyelids are starting to sag, so back to the matter at hand: we rather like Tumblr, it embodies the spirit of bottom-up, collaborative, digital creativity which has come to define web content production and distribution. Huzzah! And here’s our favorite five Tumbleez, in order of preference (and limited to within the visual culture evolution remit of your very favorite SubmarineChannel):


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