<p> Do you ever get the feeling you’re witnessing the beginning of something big? Created with the Unity3d Game Engine, this interactive projection renders the dog visualization in real time, using video tracking to inform its behaviour according to what it “sees” - engaging with the viewer (or rather “participant”), all the while. Imagine what brands might do with this technology– billboards chasing you down the street! You can run but you can’t hide! But for no - magic. </p>

Top 5 of our Favorite Things: Interactive Urban Screens

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While brands, advertisers and window (un)dressers are beginning to include dynamic digital displays in their PR strategies, the gritty underworld of cutting-edge creativity is seeing an explosion of interactive projects that invite public participation. Utilizing computer graphics, LED light-walls, motion tracking, and any other new-fangled devices that you care to mention, digital fata morganas are engaging unsuspecting audiences in cities around the world. Here is our pick of five super-smashing ones.


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