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2Pause: Citizens! get sexy with True Romance 2pause: “Sweater” or What You Can Do With a Good Idea and 3 Beamers 2Pause: ‘Rivers and Homes’ featuring 300+ fans 2pause: Playing the Villain
Personalizing Your Music Video Experience 2Pause: Caspa “War” – Matt Lambert directs 2Pause: French Wave Out, Nordic Wave In! 2Pause: Ryan McGinley directs for Sigur Ros
Watch the Titles: Foreign Language 2Pause: The King or the Bird 2Pause: Time to Dance Jake! 2Pause: Beeple’s IV.10
2Pause: drag queen controversy in “Hey Jane” by Spiritualized 2Pause: Surrender Monkey’s “Saboteur” Smile 2Pause: David Wilson’s “Pelican” for The Macabees Carlo Vega about his unofficial music video for “Niggas in Poorest”
2Pause: “Distant Street Lights” A Dual Screen Music Video Drama Interview: Edouard Salier 2Pause: Abstract music video “Jailbreak” and more 2Pause: Western Sunrise promo made with iPad
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P.O.P. Music Video Art: What’s not to like? 2Pause: A Music Video To Make You Think The Yes Please records music video in 1930′s design villa Music video: Blaudzun “Elephants”
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2Pause @Lowlands 2011 2Pause: Chain Reactions 2Pause: Seabird – New visuals for an old song Review: Biophilia by Björk
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Generative Greatness by UVA $99 Music Videos Must-see Ape School’s debut music video New promo from TRUNK directors AL + JOCK
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Chunk: “Blame” for Temposhark directed by Nakamura Motomichi Shynola’s Coldplay Comeback New Franz Ferdinand fun Ferry Gouw’s Cool Music Vid for Major Lazer
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