Chunks - Curated Shorts

A collection of short films, animations and music video (2001 - 2010)

“Chunks” (2001 – 2010) was our permanent showcase for short films, animations and music videos by new and accomplished artists from around the globe.

Chunks was a bit like our own 24/7 online film festival where you could discover some real gems – rare, unique, engaging and noteworthy finds that we fished up at film festivals, from showreels and from the murky, deep waters of the big pond that is the internet.

These are the Archived Chunks:.

Chunk: ‘Sticks and Balls’

Chunk: ‘If I Know You’ Eva Husson’s music video for The Presets

Chunk: The Parachute Ending by Birdy Nam Nam
Chunk: The General by Miss T
Chunk: The Ship – Winner of Machinima Filmfest
Chunk: Municipal Constructions
Chunk: ‘Is it the Shoes?’
Chunk: ‘Biopig’
Chunk: Kanizsa Hill Amazingness from LalaLand
Chunk: “Laptops & Martinis” by Nakamura Motomichi
Chunk: “Plops” by Darren Pasemko
Chunk: Bathtub III by Keith Loutit
Chunk: Lele’s “Breakfast”
Chunk: ‘Breathless 1960, Typography’
Chunk: “Blame” for Temposhark directed by Nakamura Motomichi
Chunk: JC/DC Vs Lego by Four H
Chunk: Visual Abuse
Chunk: A Beginners Guide to Giving A Damn…
Chunk: Rutu Modan’s “Goody Two Shoes”
Chunk: Godz***A vs The Netherlands
Chunk: Animation by Jeff Metz
Chunk: Quit Your Job
Existentialist Chunk



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