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What’s in Room 2017?

Wait for the sunset. Turn your lights down low, settle back, grab a drink, and watch Room 2017. Rain is a plus too, because Room 2017 is not a fast-paced, viral doc like our other MiniMovies. Released online in 2008, Room 2017 is an atmospheric, beautifully made and poetic film that needs time to sink in. It’s also contemplative, mysterious and sometimes shocking.

Director Rob Smits went to Venezuela to make a film about the Yanomami, a fierce indian tribe. But he discovers that even in the jungle today it’s all about money, and all but one of his tapes are confiscated by the Venezuelan authorities.

Later in Taipei, Smits finds himself in a state of disorientation, but manages to regain his grip on the project and finish the Minimovie. Watch all episodes of Room 2017 on the Minimovies website or on Vimeo!


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