Lou Paradis - Vintage web game by Radical Suzuki

Lou Paradis

Lou Paradis is an unusual Flash-based web game produced by Submarine Channel back in 2006, featuring the sexy-cutesy art work of Japanese illustrator Radical Suzuki-san. Tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect, and extremely quirky, Lou Paradis is a hybrid five episode interactive story/game series that hasn’t lost any of its original, incomprehensible charm.

In Lou Paradis, the player takes on the role of Mr. President. But instead of ruling the country, there is a much more important job to do: improve your sex appeal! During the five levels of the game, players must work their charm to advance. As Ru would say, may the best lover win!

Lou Paradis is a unique collaboration between the French animation studio Béchamel, the Japanese illustrator Radical Suzuki and Submarine Channel.

Animation & Interactive Story Designers: Béchamel, Radical Suzuki
Length: 6 x 10 mins

Episode 1 – Fire Woman

Vulca is Lou’s flaming firewoman friend and she’s always ready to put out a fire. Or start one for that matter, depending on which buttons you press. But be careful, this sizzling volcano is about to erupt.

Episode 2: Car Wash

If you play with water you’re bound to get soaked. But Lou’s fresh friend Splashy doesn’t seem to mind a wet t-shirt. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a very personal car wash experience.

Episode 3: The Farmer

An old school platform game, Donkey Kong style, starring farm girl Milky. Milky has lost her piggies and would love for you to help her out any way you can. And if you’re lucky there’s a juicy reward if you bring the story to a happy end.

Episode 4: Sushi Bar

On this episode Lou will take you to a sushi bar where you’ll meet one of her sweetest friends Sushi Me. Eating surimi will never be the same again. Itadakimasu, bon appetite!

Episode 5: Executive Woman

In the last episode you, Mr. President, will be going up and down the 5 floors of the presidential building. Your offices are filled to the top with wide-eyed, scarcely dressed office secretaries longing for your attention. The access plan in the elevator will give you some hints on what floor to go to. Find the secret access codes and collect hearts, and get ready for a show-stopping finale, with a few ‘big’ surprises!





  1. giavanna says on August 30, 2011:

    i luv this gam its realy col iluuvvvvvv iiiit

  2. mark says on August 30, 2011:

    farmer – section on the donkey seems to go on forever – and the only ‘high’ is 10. The corn goes well pastr 30 cobs (boring!!) Sushi bar sticks once all hearts are collected – no idea how to fix this or what happens next. The finale is just lame

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