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Submarine Channel supports Amos Mulders upcoming animated short WORD! – a visual exploration of language in a post-fact world. You, too, can support this film on Cinecrowd if you want to see it made. We know we do!

Happy news: WORD! is selected for the Netherlands Film Festival, where it will have its world premiere in September!

The project was picked by us from over 80 submissions that came in for an initiative that connects upcoming directors with film studios and broadcasters in The Netherlands. If Amos successfully crowdfunds at least € 5k, we will double the amount and produce his film. Those are the rules of the game (we didn’t make them). Scroll down to read more about this initiative, ‘De Ontmoeting’.

Amos Mulder has developed a visual language that we love. Imagine a visual cocktail that blends vintage sci-fi aesthetics with mystery, surrealism, and a bit of digital dadaism. Watch Amos’ previous short films on Vimeo to see what we mean: SOUP!Don’s Dream and the music video Blue Crime – Sun is a Star. Off The Ground is an animated documentary based on a NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) hotline call recording from 1977. Great stuff.

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De Ontmoeting (Translation: The Meeting) is a Dutch initiative that connects upcoming directors with the film industry in The Netherlands. In 2016, a call for submissions was launched, which resulted in some 80+ film plans. Four production studios and broadcasters, including Submarine Channel, each selected a project. Each project will receive 5,000 euros from their respective sponsors, if the creators manage to successfully crowdfund at least 5k through the Cinecrowd platform. All four short films will premiere in September 2017 at the Netherlands Film Festival.



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